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Analyzer Engineer

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Job Title

Commissioning Engineer (Analyzer )

Reports To

Service Manager

Job Summary

Candidate should have minimum 6-7 years hands on analytical experience and is expected to provide analytical support to customers during installation, commissioning associated with major projects, upgrade projects, revamps, service of ABB analyzers and sampling systems. Assist customers during turn around, provide required remote support by suggesting solutions and spares recommendations and generating SPIRS, carry out customer training on ABB analyzers and analytical communication system. Understanding of integrated analyzer systems and knowledge of many different types of process analyzers and applications is a must. Proficient in the use of computer software. Ability to work closely with team; excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. Suggest annual service / maintenance contracts & ABB products for refineries / petrochemical / cement plants. Interface with diverse groups including EPC contractors, end-user, analyzer technicians, Provide technical expertise to customers in maintenance departments to support ABB process analyzer systems, including troubleshooting persistent problems, reliability, maintenance, and Standard Operating Procedure development.

Duties & Responsibilities

Employee shall also carry out any tasks that are assigned by management necessary to fulfill the job requirements.


Candidate should have complete understanding of refining, aromatics, olefins / ethylene, chemical specialties, or polyethylene plant processes; able to discriminate between analyzer and sampling system problems / opportunities and process issues. Inherent understanding of physics and chemistry is required especially in regards to gas and fluid dynamics.

Education Required

Degree or Diploma in Instrumentation, Industrial Eclectronics

Experience / Language Requirement

Excellent command over written and spoken English language.

No. Of Subordinates


Financial Authority


Please forward yours CV at jobs@chaudhryassociates.com

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